How is SEO Services pricing determined? examples of budgets)

How is SEO pricing determined? And examples of different budgets

Organic SEO is a large, complex and gray domain, and one of its “side effects” is the vagueness of price. Unlike a product or service, the price of SEO is made up of many things. The customer does not always know what he is paying for, especially since it is not just a service provider, but also a third party (Google).

If we take a site building service, for example, the customer knows that he is paying X, gets Y within Z time. It’s true that there are irregularities here and there – but in a big way it works. In organic promotion for example, the customer can pay X, but do not get Y at all or even worse, get -Y. I hope you flow with me in this analogy and understand the intention.

A professional web site developer should know the field, know how Google’s search engine works and even prepare a cure for potential hits , but no matter how professional and experienced the promoter, Google will always take a surprise and hit us again. There is no doubt that this is one of the most dynamic and fascinating areas in the online world.

How do you rate website promotion?

The price of SEO is, to me at least, a function of several things:

  • Professionalism of the promoter (proven successes, knowledge of the material, updates on current news, etcc.).
  • Experience– what to do, there is almost no substitute for many years of experience in the field.At the same time, he does not measure anything – it is necessary to maintain a constant “hunger” for the field and innovations on a daily basis, and of course a great desire that is, to me, an equally important component.
    From a combination of professionalism and experience, the promoter cuts his hourly rate and calculates how many gross hours will be required to work with the client (gross = work time, emails, telephones, meetings and all around).
  • Self-esteem of the promoter– there are site promoters (who are sometimes “site promoters”)  who are more salespeople and know how to close deals, and some site promoters are more hidden but do the job professionally and quietly.
    In fact, being a good site promoter means being a multi-disciplinary person: a salesperson, a technical person, a graphic designer, a ticker, a curiosity and an endless passion for the field, This will be acquired over time and experience in the field).
  • Competitiveness of the field– how competitive is the arena and how strong are the competitors in the specific niche we promotee?
  • Customer Budget– Budget is obviously a key parameter. Even the most professional and creative factor will probably not succeed with a budget of US$ 500 a month, bringing a customer to the first page in the term “lawyer” within a few months (and staying there.) On the other side of the scale there are also coefficients that work with retiners of thousands of dollars a month The customer has minimal compensation for them.
  • Expenses– Like anything, a professional has his own expenses. If it comes to freelance work from home, most of the expenses will be content, domains, storages, perhaps links Occasionally, etc If you are a company or a promoter who works in an office, you must add considerable overhead expenses such as rent for the office, property tax, electricity, water, maintenance, etc. I wrote an article on how you can lower your SEO expenses .
  • To what extent the customeris strategic – another consideration is – to what extent the specific  customer will contribute to the portfolio of the promoter. If it is a large and well-known company – but nevertheless stingy, the promoter may be willing to compromise the price even to boast that he is promoting the same company, thereby closing more customers.
  • To the extent that the customer is demanding– this too is no less important consideration.There are small customers who harass and communicate every day – either because they simply do not understand anything or because they are just like that, and on the other side there are customers who work with a respectable budget and do not hear a word from them. Customers are a wide spectrum of colors and each is completely different from the other.In my opinion, no end is good, and even if a customer does not make a sound and is not interested, he needs to be updated and left to himself. On the other hand, if the customer takes a lot of time and energy, we need to check whether it’s worth it.

How much does SEO cost?

We got to the flat. So that, in general organic SEO budgets are very wide, and moving on the scale of 500 million (or even less) to tens of thousands of dollars a month. Below is a small explanation, based on my experience and my personal opinion , the SEO prices under different budgetss.

SEO for 500 US$

After explaining a little about the expenses of quality SEO, it is clear that it is not possible to provide a professional SEO service for 500 dollars (and remain profitable), unless it is a field of zero competition and almost without writing articles.

Website promotion for 1000 US$

SEO thousand is a very minimal budget for promotion. SEO at an affordable price is not impossible, but requires a little creativity and professionalism to know how to work according to the law 20/80 and do the actions that will produce 20% to 80% results for The customer – that is, maximizing the time and budget. It is important to know that such a price necessarily indicates compromise or quality of work, or productivity and length of promotion.

Website promotion for 1500 US$

Here we are talking about the average budget of a small or medium customer – a budget that quite a few freelance site promoters (and even companies) work with.

Important note to customers: I do not want to tarUS$h or defame any company. But let me know: If a large company offers you an organic promotion on a budget of 1000-1500 US$, check out what you get in return, do not settle for a monthly placement report, but ask for what you actually received. I came across quite a few customers who worked in these and other companies, paid their money and had no idea what they got except for a monthly report decorated with impressive graphs that do not have much behind them.

I say this as someone who has been involved in the field since 2009 and is familiar with quite a few companies in Israel.

Website promotion for 2000-2500 US$

Average budget for many medium-competition domains. At the same time, it is very difficult to bring good results (and over time) with such a budget in very competitive areas.

Website promotion for 3000 US$

Here we are talking about a respectable budget for a company of medium size and above. Such a budget allows considerable flexibility for the promoter, breathing space for writing quality content and generally enough to promote areas in medium competition and more.

Website promotion for US$ 5,000 and more

Budgets that usually fit only large companies. These amounts reach the stage that the larger the amount – the promotion company / advertising agency cut a more fat coupon. In many cases, only a small portion of the budget is actually used to promote the site.

Website promotion for US$ 10,000 and more

Yes, there are. As one who worked in an advertising agency, I got to see it closely. Suitable for “Shofoni” companies that can shed money but not channel it to the right places.

In conclusion – I add a reservation to all of the above – that talk about the price of SEO, there are always exceptions, but the spirit of things is true, in my eyes and my experience, most of the market in Israel.

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