Very nice!

My name is xxx xxxx,

I have been in the Internet since about 2007, and I have been involved in internet marketing and promotion since 2009.

My professional experience includes:

– Working independently with dozens of organizations in Israel, SEO companies and end customers in various fields.

– Director of SEO projects at advertising agency, in front of some of the largest clients in the economy.

– Establishing and promoting dozens of sites (independent projects) in Israel and abroad.

You can read more about the services I give , and how I work in the SEO project .

On the blog

My blog (which I simply call “blogger”) is one of the most popular blogs in the country in internet marketing. The blog receives thousands of entries per month and contains dozens of articles and professional guides on organic promotion, Google Analytics, optimization, web development, content writing and other topics. Overall, the blog addresses two main audiences:

  • Internet marketers– site promoters, advertising people, content and more.
  • End customers and marketing managers – site owners or people interested in the field.

I always try to maintain a high level of content, but I also do not forget that some of the visitors here are beginning in the field and therefore refer to “more popular” guides or give a break when the language becomes too professional. In any case, I  always enjoy feedback and criticism and answer personally any request sent to me through the site.

There are a few other things that do not interest me

  • Watching a bad movie
  • My wife screaming at me
  • I do not give up on daily walks
  • I loathe corks at difficult levels. I’m caught in a cork and I feel a little sense of failure inside. Want to make an appointment with me? Only where there is a train or from 11:00 am and up, unless you come to me

What else?

That I’m not in front of a computer (unfortunately not very much). I love walking, swimming etc.

For any question, claim, request or comment I am always happy to answer – you can contact here .